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Like every tool that will a good job, there has to be some kind of maintenance to maintain it delivering glass shattering orgasms again and again. If you want to ensure that it stays performing the way you like it to rather than lose your favorite toy, then you need to pay close attention concerning how to keep your vibrator humming as a work house.

There are 3 steps associated with Vibrator Care

- Cleaning - Power - Storage


Think about do with your Waterproof Pink Vibrator is always to keep it clean. The cleaning means of any vibrator largely rely on the material the vibrator is made of. Vibrators can be found in different size and shapes, and are produced from a wide variety of materials. Below are some of the materials vibrators are produced from and the best way to clean them.

Plastic Toys

For the plastic vibrators and other plastic sex toys you can use some anti bacterial cleaner for sextoys along with a washcloth

Elastomer Toys

Merely employ some soapy water to clean your toy after use. Rinse generously in order that all soapy residue are washed off of the toy

Glass and Acrylic Toys

Caring for your glass and Acrylic toy is straight forward. You can use basic rubbing alcohol to wash out your toy. If you don't have any rubbing alcohol accessible use anti bacterial solution.

Silicone Toys

For silicone toys make use of a toy cleaner. Unless you have a toy cleaner use a soap and water

Life like materials

These are also know as cyber skin and are made from materials that mimic genuine. Cleaning them is simple just use tepid to warm water and a toy cleaner

The best cleaning way for a vibrator or masturbator that is inserted into any orifice would be to put a condom within the vibrator. When you are done simply roll off the condom and dump adequately. Condoms are fantastic for solo play as well as necessary when sharing toys using your partner, or when alternating between anal and vaginal penetration. Better still use two vibrators outfitted with condoms, one designated for anal penetration and yet another for vaginal penetration. Don't use the same vibe both for penetrations.


Most adult sex toys give pleasure by producing some kind of vibration. These vibrations do consume energy and it is a good idea to always have an extra pack of batteries at your disposal. It is no fun using a slow vibrator or getting the vibrator die on you before it hits the spot.

Sometimes we will be in such a good mood that we have our vibrators working overtime. Should you choose marathon sessions, again, spend money on extra batteries and possibly have a second vibrator around just in case the first vibe does not make it to the finishing line, you need to get past the finishing line and so do have a stand buy.