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Sticky Pad Cellular Phone Holders to your Goliath Vehicle Sprint Board. Works Great as an Eyeglass Holder, iPhone, iPod Holder, Galaxy Holder, MP3 Player Holder, and change Mat. car for life -skid Non-Adhesive Sunglass Holder or PDA Pad to your Car The Sticky Pad® conforms to your car or truck's dashboard securing your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone, iPod, iPhone, eye glasses, solar glasses, or any cellphone -- with out adhesives, strips, clips, or magnets. Like magic, the distinctive patented material holds tight even if you turn corners or come to a fast stop. The Sticky Pad® retains your cellular phone close at hand (and not on the car floor). Additionally securely holds your MP3 participant, sunglasses, CDs, and spare change - with out leaving any sticky residue. Every Sticky Pad® comes beautifully packaged with directions for easy use. Your emblem is displayed in vivid coloration. Blank kinds (no imprint) and quite a lot of shapes are additionally obtainable. Styles embody the original Sticky Pad®, Sticky Pad® XL, Sticky Pad® Car, Sticky Pad® Coronary heart, Sticky Pad® Round and Sticky Pad® Home.