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If you are soon to be a bride then you're probably so focussed on your own wedding dress that you aren't considering whether or not to wear lingerie chubby about this most special of occasions. However, some claim that the sexy lingerie can be as important to a bride as her wedding gown, so in this post we're going to go through the types of sexy bridal lingerie that you can wear in your wedding day:

Wedding day, Sexy Lingerie

Hopefully your wedding event is the stuff of dreams; therefore your outfit needs to be perfect. By perfection we mean both wedding gown and sexy lingerie beneath it. Don't make the mistake of wearing your comfiest old pair of bra and knickers! They might be 'tried and tested,' but you are hardly attractive, right?

You will want to make the day that rather more special by wearing some very special lingerie that you simply haven't tried before? You know that men really adore sexy lingerie, so imagine your husband's surprise once the day's over and you peel off the wedding dress to expose your sexy surprise underneath!

About Bridal Lingerie

The thing to remember about bridal lingerie is the fact that it's not only very sexy, but usually has practical uses. Pieces of bridal lingerie generally provide more support than other forms which is important, especially if you're wearing a strapless dress.

There are various styles of bridal dresses out there and each of these might require different lingerie:

Strapless Or Off-The-Shoulder Wedding gown

The modern trend is made for wedding dresses which are strapless or off-the-shoulder.

A traditional bra won't be any good for these dresses because the straps can have which is unflattering. This can be good news in a way, as your options may include more sexy lingerie including bustiers or strapless bras.

A bustier provides more support than a strapless bra and is also definitely sexier and has the added bonus of giving a little bit of tone to your tummy as it's two cups incorporated into an often lacy section around the body.

A bridal bustier would be white lace and so fits well with your dress as well as gives you strapless support and cleavage! One other good thing about bustiers is they can also be worn with dresses who have a low-cut back (which many strapless wedding gowns have), therefore your wedding dress is like this then you need to check out bustiers ahead of the big day.

The sole other choice is if you have a totally backless dress. In this case even a bustier will demonstrate and is therefore unsuitable, so you'll need to consider a stick-on bra. They're basically two cups that stick on around your breasts and should not be seen in any way. They may not offer great support, specifically if you have a large bust, however they are invisible.

Can Sexy Panties Nevertheless be Comfortable?

The reply is, YES! You would like to concentrate on styles that don't show VPL below your dress which looks unflattering. If you're able to wear them, a thong panty is perfect.

However you may also try body shaping underwear that will suck in your tummy and butt and also cannot be seen through your dress. Body shaping underwear may well not sound that sexy, however it can in fact be classed as sexy lingerie as it is commonly made out of lace as well as in sexy colors for example white, red and black.

How About Hosiery?

Hosiery is another name for tights and stockings. These are great components of sexy lingerie to use as a bride, because they're both sexy and traditional. It is possible to accessorize your dress using a pair of white tights and garter belt and kill two birds with one stone, as it's popular to use a garter and execute a garter toss during your wedding.