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Moving could be a stressful step for any family, particularly for children, since they have to leave their friends, attend a new school, and adapt to a new community. The parents' attention before, after and during the moving process is essential and can produce a big difference within their adjustment for the new location. Following are helpful hints to help your family hold the smoothest move possible.

Produce a plan for packing, such as which rooms can get packed first. Try to pack young children's belongings last to reduce any disruption on their behalf. Let your kids take with them in their own bags items that they don't wish to pack, for example blankets or special toys. Make travel arrangements well in advance and try to make the trip as stress-free as you can. If flying for your new destination, book an immediate flight. If driving, pre-plan a route and find out a reasonable period of time to devote to driving daily. Book hotel accommodations in advance. Pre-arrange for services prior to arriving at your home, including phone service, cable television hookups, Access to the internet, etc. Assign loved ones with sorting, packing and moving day responsibilities to make things as efficient as you possibly can and ensure that all family members feel mixed up in moving process. Find babysitters encourage with children to give you some time to pack. Also, find help on moving day to keep the children far from those moving heavy furniture, in order to avoid tears as they watch their beloved toy chest being moved away from home, etc. Board your pets for move day because the doors is going to be open. Ask your vet for recommendations on moving with pets. Keep track of essential information, including birth certificates, medical records, dental records, school records, etc., in the secure folder that travels along with you. Also consider carrying irreplaceable items, such as family photographs, with you. Pack a suitcase with the necessities you will need upon arriving at your new home, for example paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, shampoo, towels, shower curtain, etc. Pack an "entertainment bag" for plane or car travel full of a change of clothing, toys, snacks, books and toiletries. Produce a contingency plan for sleeping in your brand-new home the initial few nights. In the event you arrive before your furniture, you may consider packing (or purchasing upon arrival) sleeping bags, pillows, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc. Research children's activities inside your new location in front of the move. Children will need a break from unpacking (as will the adults!). Or, perhaps one parent could entertain as the other one unpacks. Send an unexpected gift, one which is at the house when you, such as a fun lawn game (a trampoline, volleyball net, crochet, etc.) to celebrate your big move. Try together with your routine whenever possible, such as family dinners. Following the move, don't rush to unpack immediately. Spend more time with your kids and help them get acquainted with the new home and the neighborhood. Ask your kids how they do and encourage them to talk about the difficulties.