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Second evaluation after proudly owning Sauvage for a yr. Mainly a brilliant ambroxan which has mineral, wood, cleaning soap, and musk elements. There's a peppery wooden element to this perfume as well as some citrus freshness.
Super long lasting on my skin with excellent projection. I do not hate synthetic scents but this note drives my nostril nuts. People bashing Sauvage are in all probability fat virgin nerds. To be fairly sincere, ladies hardly ever compliment a man if his fragrance may be very sexy as they feel shy about saying anything. They often compliment you when your perfume is safe and you'll not judge them if they compliment you.
From a woman's perspective I did not like it in any respect. Sauvage opens up with a citrus accord that is okay, however nothing spectacular. I'd give this a pass, unless you need to cultivate that '90s high school bachelor vibe - with the emphasis firmly on bachelor, and never of the eligible selection.
Don't consider the hype as a result of I personally would never compliment anyone wearing this cleaning chemical smelling mess. I could not tolerate the first second nor could I tolerate it a half an hour later.
Scratchy, sharp, nostril irritating, almost as unhealthy as 1 Million. - Well, intentionaly so, unlike, say, Boss Bottled, Invictus, La Male, Allure Homme Sport and many other percieved as "pure". By the way, there's hardly anything natural in fragrances because the 50es onward, regardless of how many "geneeations of Creeds" let you know othervise. Gold, coming from the man who used his submit to bash a superior perfume in Aventus.
I'm almost allergic to this smell, i spot it from 10m away and actually hate it. I don't know why but I feel horny once I wear this. It's not a foul perfume in any respect, but very, very average and really nothing special. I’d like to know if others get this impact witch with this frag.