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With the amount of vibrators to pick from, how do you know which vibrator fits your needs? Whether you are a novice vibrator user or even an advanced rechargeable silicone vibrator user, here is a guide to assist you in choosing the best vibrator to suit your needs.

If you are new to vibrators, and do not know where to begin, here are a few considerations:

Start with clitoral stimulation with either a bullet vibe, a finger vibe, or an external vibrator. Why? 50-70% of females need clitoral stimulation to orgasm and so are unable to have orgasms through sex alone. Therefore, a design with good clitoral stimulation is a superb place to start. Remember that although most vibrators can stimulate the clitoris, certain shapes are superior to others. Smaller shapes like bullets and finger vibes focus directly on the clitoris. External vibratos are designed to conform to the curves of the body and make contact directly using the clitoris and vulva. Usually, they're more powerful and offer more speeds and/or patterns than a bullet vibrator.

Start with something aesthetically pleasing-if a vibrator is cheesy, ugly or unappealing looking, why can you want to place it near your private parts? We're not only turned on with our mind but with our eyes as well. What if you are a pro? If you are an experienced vibrator user, you might consider the following when choosing to add to your vibrator collection:

Stimulation Type:

Internal Stimulation - Internal vibrators tend to be longer than external vibrators and therefore are easy to hold during insertion. Whether you desire a sense of fullness or desire to focus on the g-spot (those vibrators will often have a curved tip), there's plenty to pick from.

Internal and Clitoral Stimulation/Dual Stimulation - The enduring rabbit may be the way to go, but she's developed since Sex and also the City. You can rock in the market to music or some rabbit vibrators let you have a better grip thanks to their modern design. The rabbit vibrator is indeed stylish and sophisticated now that she doesn't even seem like a vibrator anymore.

Clitoral Stimulation During intercourse - In case you are interested in clitoral stimulation during sex, then Vibrating Penis Rings or Couples Vibrators will be the best option. Vibrating rings are hands-free and a few come with a handheld remote control. Couples vibrators they fit inside the woman's vagina and rest on the clitoris. Your penis is also inserted in to the vagina, making it a tight fit for him and an orgasmic experience on her.

Power - Consider trying an even more powerful vibrator or a vibrator with increased speeds.

Functionality - Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. You now have a choice between g-spot vibrators, waterproof vibrators, music vibrators, remote vibrators and rechargeable vibrators.

Durability - Cheap vibrators will continue to work once or twice and then fall apart. Purchase from a reputable logo and one that supplies a solid warranty.