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Family constellations workshops supply a way to unlock the usually hidden causes of personal problems that are holding an individual back in their life. A trained facilitator works together a group of people, one of which is the seeker, to discover and decode the underlying causes of damage that is holding the person back. Another group members make up the constellation and represent the seeker's family members, not as role play, but naturally mirroring the sentiments of those loved ones, so the seeker can confront them. This gives the seeker a good environment where you can better understand deeply buried family related issues, without actually being forced to confront your family members in person.

The phenomenon which is hypnotherapy isn't fully understood, however it seems to work time and time again, assisting visitors to resolve their issues and move ahead in their lives. The observing participants of your family constellations workshop appear to intuitively tune to the seekers plight, channeling the reactions and feelings of this person's family members. New aspects of the situation occured and are competed until the seeker reaches an issue of resolution. Those who make up the constellation can represent family members that are still alive as well as those that have passed; they may also represent countries, places, emotions and certain situational circumstances regarding the seeker. Each workshop is different in that it represents each seeker's situation financially and there is no way to predict the roles competed until the workshop is in progress.

A skilled family constellations facilitator presides on the workshop and nominates roles for everybody, relevant to the seeker's plight. The constellation participants are gently guided through the facilitator through the workshop and also the facilitator eventually prompts the scenario with positive turn-around dialogue, which enables the seeker to discover a resolution to his or her issue.

Family Constellations workshops were produced by a number of psychologists and therapists including Edmund Husserl, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, Virginia Satir, the developer of family sculpture and Bert Hellinger who formed the methodology utilized by practitioners throughout the world today. The process is used by psychiatrists, psychologists and alternative health care providers and counsellors to help people who have identified the requirement for family related resolutions. Counsellors can train to become family constellations facilitator, to integrate this technique with other techniques such as hypnotherapy and life coaching to provide a range of services for clients.

More information about these workshops can be found on the Internet on sites that specialize in this method.