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You want to change your bathroom suite however, you need to know what will be involved, the thing is that there are many cheap bathroom suites about and feel that it is going to be a relatively average cost of bath fitter. Hopefully this information will guide you through that assist you understand the location where the costs may come from.

So, very first thing is first, might you try and fit the toilet suite yourself or make use of a specialist bathroom fitter or building contractor? Well the answer to this is in your skills set, maybe you have attempted any form of plumbing before and if so did it go successfully? Otherwise then think yourself a good do-it-yourself person? If you feel confident to make it happen yourself then you may save quite a bit of money, something that may be worth looking at is push fit plumbing fittings as these just push to the pipe requiring no soldering, this could be easier for the amateur.

Alternative to consider is the thing that you will employ the bathroom suite your taking out, if you are going to put it into a hired skip it's a cost which will need to be considered, another choice is to contact your local council who'll, in many authorities, take bathroom suites away, there may be a recycling place nearby where one can take the suite yourself if you've got the transport means.

Now you need to consider how much you will spend buying your bathroom suite because there are many options around including cheap suites.

Something that many individuals don't take into consideration properly is the cost of tiles. Tiles can be extremely expensive as well as the grout as well as the adhesive can add significantly for the costs. It is possible to lower this cost just by having two rows of tiles above the bath and basin but if you intend to get under the shower then you may well have to tile full height. If you are not going to tile yourself then be prepared for the labour bill that will follow as tiling large areas may be fairly labour intensive.

An alternative choice to tiles today is pvc panelling, this panelling is available in a multitude of colours from plain white to marble effects. It is made in long lengths which are tongue and grooved across the long edge to offer a waterproof seal when joined together. These can considerably easier to apply than tiles and will often be bound to silicone but this depends on the substrate below. They are potentially an easier do it yourself solution but note that there is usually some quite tricky marking and cutting. Whilst they're a good choice since they are easier and quicker than tiling they could be damaged if things fall against them, perhaps on of the greatest features of this panelling though is that there are no grout joints to get dirty.

These may be a number of the higher cost items however, you also need to look at things like showers; if you are planning to have one then will it be in a cubicle of its own or older the bath having a glass door or shower curtain. What will the floor be finished with, this could be tiles wood floor or carpet, the options are wide.

Hopefully these statements have given you a few ideas to help you plan the expense of a new bathroom suite, as you can tell there is much more to consider than simply the cost of the toilet suite.