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Seasons appear and disappear however it is always at the moment of year if the sun sets just a little earlier those gentle summer breezes always fade. As Autumn winds replace that summer breeze there's always a sadness that overcomes the soul. I've always pointed out that currently of the year memories of past summers usually have brought me to tears. Tears of joy amidst sorrow realizing that all good stuff has to end. Many a summer we were unaware the gaiety and laughter we shared the sands of energy continued to drift down that hour glass. The friendships which were forged those a long time ago their memories always resurface when Autumn winds begin to blow. We now have for many years gone our separate ways but, those experiences always return every year once the summer sun is dimmed through the arriving Autumn wind.

At summers end where Autumn leaves learn to turn there's always a foreboding premonition of the season ahead. So frequently years ago when summer involves a close it really did hurt me so. The tears of sorrow which were shed are haunting reminders of the way things used to be. The quiet refined yet almost rambunctious nature of our childhood play during those summers of such a long time ago have become pressed into conscious thought. The innocence of these yesteryears are actually lost with the passage of time. Unfortunately the innocence of these bye gone years are nowhere to be found in the whirlwind of existence of points during the now. Will no longer exist events of carefree innocent play for many in our children, for they too are caught in the whirlwind of existing rather than living.

As Autumn winds blow the periods are shorter and there's chill in mid-air. That noticeable aurora that certain senses when strong wind learn to blow foretells of cold dark nights of winter lying just ahead. In all those summers of the yesteryears when Autumn winds learn to blow are constant reminders of the way our society is different. Because the Autumn winds blow storm clouds of uncertainty hang heavily business expense. Will no longer are the type lazy hazy times of summer i once knew. Gone to is the anticipation knowing that as summer ebbs soon to arrive would have been a most festive time of year. Now, rather than a joyous anticipation there is merely a grim reality of just working to make it through one more day.

I've asked myself many times before that during all those wonderful summers of sometime ago where time seemed to stand still what has happened to really make the events of summer where so very little memories are made. The planet today can be a much more somber, more chaotic, and moves in a considerably faster pace. No time to pay out, not a minute to lose, heaven forbid we should drop our smartphones. It seems that effortlessly these wonderful technological know-how in history Thirty years would have made our society and our existence achieve a better balance. And, yet there isn't any balance in today's world today. Too may of our own youth go hungry daily. Weight loss program our citizens are really impoverished just increases the imbalance we face today. These are just area of the reasons that will make me understand that those lazy days of yesteryears summers when Autumn winds arrive really were the most effective events of our way of life.