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The Siegel personalisiert has been around for hundreds of years in an effort to seal envelopes with correspondence inside them. In the past, it had been used almost like a certified letter is today. So that you can verify a letter was from your particular source, understanding that the valuables in the envelope hadn't been tampered with, a seal fit the bill admirably. Today, electronic communications have taken off, but there are still plenty of benefits to having your own wax seal.

-Makes Things More Official.

If you are writing letters for a business or you're sending letters as an individual, there's a lot to become said for sending instructions in a sealed envelope. It gives you a more formal and official look, also, since it's not as common today because it used to be, your correspondence will certainly stand out in a positive light.

-Verifies Communications.

There are still occasions where it's easy to have a way to verify where communications are via, particularly when it comes to sending letters internally inside a company. As an example, if the president uses a formal message delivered to an employee, the seal serves as proof how the letter originated in the president. This is especially valid if the president alone has exclusive access to his custom embosser.

-Reinforces Your Brand Image.

This has been said that people need to see your brand a minimum of seven times before they'll buy. Whether you send letters within a direct mail campaign or to existing customers, using a recognizable logo inside your custom wax seal is simply one more opportunity to remind people regarding your business and it is image. Additionally, there's something memorable with regards to a wax seal, when customers consider the seal, they'll see your business logo too.

-Adds Elegance and Personality.

When it comes to high-end business, it is often the little details that stick with people. Setting yourself aside from the competition obviously begins with your products or services, but it is reinforced by the decisions you are making with respect to your product packaging, your branding, and also something as simple as a seal wax stamp in your envelopes.

Lends feeling of Completeness

There's something plain about a closed envelope without a seal. When a seal is added, there exists a sense how the letter is finished and ready to send. That completeness also applies to that fact that you can't break your own personal seal, so that it encourages you to definitely be serious before finishing and sending your letter.