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[1] Vitaly Friedman loves lovely content material and doesn’t like to present in easily. When he is just not writing or speaking at a conference, he’s most probably working … Music has all the time been a wonderful source of inspiration. Notably in case you are stuck with some problem you can’t discover a workaround for, a phenomenal tune can provide you with a new perspective, allow you to see the problem from a distinct angle. And generally it’s simply helpful to make a break - as an example, watching some music videos. In this submit we current some unusual music movies to your monday’s espresso break. Some of the videos are thought-scary, a few of them are funny and a few are bizarre. Whereas lots of them are nicely-known, you’ll probably discover some videos you’ve never watched earlier than. The movies all perfectly to the music which is being played within the background. Hopefully, everyone will discover one thing new and inspiring for himself/herself. Please discover that you may want to watch some videos at least twice to get the thought behind them. You would possibly need to learn the descriptions of the movies - they are provided under each hyperlink. The screenshots typically don’t reveal that a lot concerning the videos they stand for. Unkle - Rabbit in your Headlights What is this guy whispering? Who is the guy? And what's he doing in the tunnel? You need to look at this video until the very finish. You won’t be dissatisfied. car for life - “War Photographer” (2005) These freaking vikings are both cool and strange. But it doesn’t make them much less sympathetic. And they'll play both on drums and guitars pretty properly. Bat for Lashes - What’s A Girl To Do 00:38 is the most effective second within the history of music movies. Nicely, this one is type of scary. Hares driving on the bicycles and clapping their arms at the identical time? Nick Cave & Kylie Mingoue - The place The Wild Roses Grow Probably probably the most lovely music movies ever made. There is no need for phrases. Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Loss of life Unimaginable modifying and directing. So symbolic, so powerful. Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries What a couple of music video which is made with thousands of 6-sided dice? Precisely. And the music matches completely. Radiohead - “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (1995) The video for this music was shot using completely different film frequencies, allowing various actions to unfold at different rates within the identical frame. The emotional results of this practice vary from silly to unsettling. Try not to look at this video too many times; it begins to feel a bit extra disturbing every time. Sia - “Breathe Me” The manufacturing of this video clip took a number of hundreds Polaroid photographs. The result is… at the very least unusual. Residents Right here and Abroad - You Drive and We’ll Listen to Music Jason Koxvold’s video pairs crashing vehicles with crashing guitars. Rock. car for life executed and completely edited. Moby - Porcelaine Such a lovely music. One of the movies you're amazed about as soon as, and you never forget once more. The Strokes - You Solely Live As soon as With a hundred methods to do a dozen things, why not try it all? Directed by Warren Fu. Arctic Monkeys - A view from the afternoon A tune a few passion and unstoppable willingness to do what you love. Simple, but so effective. “Glosoli” - Sigur Ros “Glosoli” depicts a younger drummer boy gathering up the other denizens of what seems to be an adult-free utopian land, and leading a revolution to freedom. So lovely and so touching. Don’t miss the final scene. The Avalanches - “Frontier Psychiatrist” That is freaky. Generally the most obvious idea for a video additionally turns out to be the most effective. The ghost choir is the best. Except for the nightmarish old-man turtle, after all. Royksopp - Remind Me We’ve featured this movie already, however it’s price mentioning it in this publish. You can watch it dozens instances and still not catch every little thing. A day within the life of a median working Jill, damaged down into its minutest part elements. The unstated joke: mankind has erected immense, useful resource-devouring systems of almost incomprehensible complexity just so you can sit in your cubicle. Blur - “Coffee & TV” (Quicktime) Actually, this song is a couple of dancing milk carton. However, its adventures are humorous, cute, but with a lovely streak of cruelty. The milk-carton protagonist even has its own fan site. Boards of Canada: “Dayvan Cowboy” It’s fairly straightforward to get wrapped up in the grainy, existential pulchritude of this factor and completely miss the cheeky self-reference. So, um, the place can one surf in Canada? Directed by Melissa Olson. Transfer Your Toes - Junior Senior That’s weird. And that’s what makes it special. A pixel-primarily based video clip. Daft Punk - Yet one more Time Most likely one of the vital colorful animated music movies of all time. Daft Punk, another time. Xploding Plastix - Joy Comes In the Morning A music video in regards to the world we dwell in and the world we’d prefer to stay in. Unkle - Eye For Eye A haunting observe with a creepy animation, which gained an award on the Edinburgh International Movie Festival. Nasty weirdness drops from the sky after which strikes on. Vitalic - Poney Flying canine in mild of a laser and in gradual-movement. No person has ever finished something like this earlier than. Justice “D.A.N.C.E.” Generally even T-Shirts can converse. For instance, in this music video. “D.A.N.C.E.” was nominated for “Video of the Year at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. On the first of November Justice acquired the “Video Star” award on the European Music Awards in Munich. Radiohead - Just What could the man on the road possibly have stated? Prodigy - Out Of Area Prodigy’s “Out of Space” might be one of the weirdest movies ever created. Welcome again to the 90s - this is how some videos appeared like then. cars - Bitter Candy Symphony A video everybody has seen. And everybody would see again. RJD2 - Work It Out This guy simply want to have some enjoyable together with his crooks and his skateboard.