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Houston Texas and Line Water Supply Nadrick - McKini Continued
According to informed people, Houston Texas has signed a 5 million US dollar renewal contract with Benardrick McKinney, Benardrick McKinney. This contract consists of $ 21 million security income.

Flules is the 9th show in 2015, and the first 46 games were started in three seasons, but the overall performance was not satisfactory. Most of the time, he is responsible for the defensive blind side "big door" is in a state of welcome, causing Eli Manning to suffer Cheap Jerseys from china scrambling harassment.

The next question is how long Gordon's dismissal will last. Previously, his broker once said that this dismissal may continue until the regular season. Gordon said that his decision has been supported by teammates. The broker also said that if lightning is unwilling to meet the renewal, Gordon will ask Gordon asking the transaction.

Dagrterson's performance is very good in recent training, and Jay Gruden, who has even established a further goal. Dagrterson was leaving in 7 pairs of 7 training, and then he accepted the inspection of the sports injury protectors and returned to the locker room.

Last year's first-round show, only two games were held, and the loose problem has been plaguing him. But he is very healthy. If Dagrton is not a big problem, the combination of Trelle Pryor, Jamison Crowder will provide more passenger.

In this year's break, Braien Gaine, General Manager, said McKini's core position of the defensive group, but also praised his leadership and performance. After cutting the old brian cushing, Texas expect McKini to play a more important role in the 2018 season.

Since the election of the sixth in 2016, Stanley has immediately become a first left trial and make progress every year. Last season, he was selected for a while, and he was able to create a single-tip of the squad, the number of squatts were recorded.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Godden would not report to the training camp with his teammates according to the information of the informed people. Since Gordon's absence caused lightning to abort the contractual negotiations, Latport also said that this dismissal will last for a long time.

This contract value is $ 98.75 million, with a maximum value of $ 100 million. If Costanlli's salary this year, the highest value of this contract reached approximately $ 113 million, and the new contract has reached 58 million US dollars, counted this year, and the total security income reached $ 65.569 million. In March 31, 2021, Host Stanley can get an amazing $ 47.116 million.

The average annual salary of US $ 19.75 million in the new contract made Stanley a high-end offensive front line player in NFL salary. The first is that Houston Texas people left Afront Laremy Tunsil, with average annual salary of $ 22 million. Stanley's total contracts and total security income are ranked first in all alliance offensive cuts.

Gordon reached $ 5.6 million this year. At the age of 26, he wanted a long-term contract including high security income to provide insurance. So far, lightning is not willing to meet the requirements of him to become one of the highest salaries in alliances. Lightning decisions suspend negotiations prove this.

The problem facing Gordon is that the team fully occupies the initiative. First, the team can fines him. Secondly, Gordon must report to the team to ensure that his contract will not be continued next year, then lightning will stop Gordon from entering freedom next year. Player market.

Joe Judge, Joe Judge, and Kiqixis have worked in Mississippi State University, which is also the second part of Jiaji's assistant coach. The first is an offensive coordinator, before the denim coach Jason, Galrett.

Kiqixus originally served as an running guards, and then promoted to an agent offensive coordinator, and became a Brown coach in the 2019 release season. His NFL career begins in 2006, cowboy hired him as a close-end coach. One year later he left the cowboy to go to the rickets, working until 2017, during the period, served as the close-up coach, four-point guard, running guards.