Where To Stay In New York City

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Plot out your path earlier than heading out — and persist with it. Take note of landmarks and cross streets that may assist you to get again to your room with ease.
New York is a superb metropolis for strolling, but with so many individuals and so many things to look at, you should take a number of sensible precautions. Stick to primary streets and pathways and at all times cross at the intersection. Follow the traffic alerts and take note of cars and cyclists.
If you didn’t name housekeeping, don’t automatically let them in. Make sure you get a safe room by reading resort reviews and discovering out in regards to the neighborhood the place your room is positioned earlier than making reservations. Choosing a hotel over different choices is a a lot safer option considering they've a secured web line, 24-hour security and a protected available. Try The Gem Hotel in Chelsea for a great resort in a pleasant neighborhood.
see post To get there, board the free Staten Island Ferry or take a bus. Even after factoring in the price of additional transportation, the financial savings could be significant.
Save the heels for an evening out in town and go for supportive footwear when exploring the city. If you get lost, search out a police officer or store owner that will help you find your means.
Be hyper-vigilant at night time and stick with nicely-lit, populated streets. Go straight to your resort from the airport; you don’t wish to have your luggage with you as you begin to discover town. Once in your room, put all valuables within the secure and get to know the front desk staff and the concierge. Never open your door with out verifying who's on the other side.