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First off like building a car you need to pick out the chasis in the IT industry that is your case. Some may come with more followers a energy supply or nothing in any respect.If you go to some websites you may see them selling cases with cathode ray tubes for lights and power supplies, that is all good. Just find one thing that you want and that you just think seems cool. It is because it can soon be your pc and if you do not like the case you wont prefer it. So for this instance we'll simply use a case with no extras so you'll be able to see everything you can add from fans to power supplies, lights, and extra. Now that we now have the case picked out we want to take a look at motherboards or primary boards. These are the 2 most used phrases for the start line of the computer systems brains. This board will take several varieties of hardware to make it run successfully comparable to a processor, pci playing cards , and far more. You will need to search for a board that's inside your price range. The most typical form components for the mom board are ATX and mini-atx or even ITX. Relying on the size of your case you'll need the appropriate board. As an example you cannot fit an ATX board into a mini-atx case and or visa versa. This is because with the intention to correctly mount your board you will need a case the place mounting holes line up along with your board. Most instances right this moment have the flexibility for a number of configurations to make mounting easier. Now one massive tip could be to ensure there aren't any loose bits of steel, and or overseas objects as this may short out your new board. Seek the advice of your boards instructions for the proper strategy to mount your board. There are many different manufacturers of boards out there so I will not even start to enter that. One in every of the main factors you want to consider when getting a board is the type of processor you need to place in it. Intel or AMD. They are each dependable producers of processors although you as soon as again cannot stick an Intel processor in the slot for an AMD board. A well-liked kind of processor that is from intel is a socket 775 processor. The processor will normally come with instructions to properly install your processor and fan. Make it possible for before you place the fan on that you place a small dab of heat compound on the fan and set up it properly. The opposite factor you will have to contemplate is the kind of slot for the video card and different playing cards you will add. With the latest boards there sometimes is not going to be an on board video card so you'll have to buy one. So relying on the board you could have your new board wil either have an agp slot or pci-e e is short for express. These are simply different applied sciences on your graphics cards. Now if in the absolute worst case state of affairs you cant buy either card applicable on your board there may be some laptop retailers that you possibly can get a pci video card for. NOT Recommended. Also note once again that you can't mix and match slots and playing cards. PCI-E cards are extra well-liked now days than agp. You can be more more likely to get a pci-e card as opposed to agp. Each playing cards worth will depend on the dimensions of its reminiscence. You can pay extra for a 512 mb card than a 128 mb card and so on. Now that we've got the case the motherboard, processor and video card you will need to concentrate on the arduous drive and optical drives. Sometimes on modern computer systems you will not see a floppy drive. We won't even worry about this piece.. So for the arduous drive you will want to take a look at a number of key elements. Its rpm or revolutions per minute, its size and the way it's connected to the motherboard. car for life see arduous drives with an rpm of either 5400 or 7200. The more rpm the more it'll cost. The identical goes for the dimensions of the onerous drive. The more space will generally cost you extra money. You want to select your hard drive and video card as well as processor primarily based on what you need to use the system for. This implies do not use a finances system with minimal hardware to play graphically intense video games or to install windows vista on. For a common use pc for faculty work downloading music and on-line video games that are not graphically intense your finest wager could also be with a 128 mb video card and a 160 GB laborious drive. But for those which can be more into graphics video games and processor intense packages you want more reminiscence in your graphics card , ram and extra space to your hard drive. After I go over the methods to attach the laborious drive to the motherboard i'll go over the specifics in ram. Now there are car 4 life to attach a tough drive to a motherboard. You can decide the type by the way the back finish of the drive. For those who see a set of two rows of pins which can be both 16 or 18 pins long then you've gotten an IDE onerous drive. If you happen to simply see two small flat areas one being barely larger than the opposite you've a SATA or Serial ATA Drive. SATA drives are better since their cables are ready to maneuver information much quicker than the ribbon cable used for the IDE drives. The identical forms of connections which are used for a tough drive are also used for the optical drives. For ram or random access memory is a semi long flat board with a number of chips on it. Your most typical forms of memory are sdram, ddr, and ddr2. There can also be an opsolite expertise for ram called rambus. Take a look on the web for it if you wish. Sdram is for older motherboards ranging from socketA on down. These are costlier and exhausting to find. Now you will need to seek the advice of your motherboard handbook on the kind and pace of the memory needed. DDR is used for socket 478. DDR2 is for socket 478 on up.The velocity of the memory will depend upon the requirements of the processor and motherboard. So now we have the case, motherboard, reminiscence or ram, processor, video card and laborious drive. We nonetheless want the sound card and optical drives. As far as sound cards go you might have an choice or two. Some boards do nonetheless come with either a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound-sound card, however if you need something better then you will have to go together with a pci card. Now depending on how much you need to spend you can get only a primary sound card for fairly little cash though if you'd like extra out of it then you'll be looking at more of an expensive model. There are even playing cards out there that will ship with a front panel that may slip in the 5.25 bay under your optical drive. To cap off you will need some kind of an optical drive to be able to read and burn discs. You'll be able to go from a primary cd burner all of the way to a blueray burner. Oh and one final part I forgot to tell you about is the ability provide. That is the place of course all those elements will get energy from. You will see one massive trunk that has a clip on it together with a number of smaller connectors and maybe even a semi skinny black flat connector for your sata drives. Take the trunk and plug it into the mounted board. Make certain to not force something otherwise the traces in your board will break and your board will be dead. Make sure that the clip is dealing with the notch on the ability connector. Which means that the clip needs to be firmly over that little overhang and the pins should match tightly into that connector. There might be a smaller four pin connector that needs to be inserted also onto the board. There are totally different wattages for energy supplies This all will depend on the amount of energy wanted to your drives and pci agp and pci-e playing cards. Well I hope that this text has been helpful. Know that the information outlined above is all dependent on your budget and what you are wanting to make use of the system for. I would suggest more memory, hard drive area and a bigger measurement reminiscence in your video card if you're a gamer or have packages that use up a number of your techniques resources. If you are wanting one thing for the common consumer that downloads music, performs on-line games and browses the web then a system with much less ram hard drive and video card could be put to good use. Simply do your research and if you are not comfortable with taking on the duty of putting collectively your system you may at all times have someone right here at Baker IT Companies put it collectively for you.