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We offer a big number of professional dive programs and ofcourse alot of fun. Let us introduce you to a world of colored fish, amazing coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, shipwrecks and even whalesharks. Below you will discover a number of dive courses and the costs. On our pricepage, yow will discover a extra complete overview of what Seagate Hurghada Diving presents.
Do you have a particular request that you can’t discover on our website? Please be happy to contact us to investigate about the possibilities. OWD certification supplies the diver with the potential for independent diving, whereas limiting the utmost depth to 18 meters.
For divers who prefer a high water temperature as one of their primary criteria, it is better to go in July through September, when the water temperature averages 28C/82F. The coolest water temperature is from December to February (21C/69F).
The overall biodiversity was wonderful and the coral very wholesome. We saw plenty of the standard reef fish similar to crown butterflyfish, clownfish, lizardfish, goatfish and parrotfish. There have been additionally plenty of very small gobies perched on the sand, each inside a quick swim of its burrow. A huge pufferfish was resting on the ground, gently rocking, seemingly unperturbed by a bunch of divers swimming over it. There is no distinctive diving or non-diving season in this area, so diving is a yr-spherical exercise.

  • The most unspoiled and pristine reefs in the Egyptian Red Sea, the Deep South accommodates such famous names as St John's, Zabargad and Rocky Island, all accessible solely by liveaboard.

AOWD certification significantly expands its capabilities by including the necessary set of knowledge for making deeper and more difficult dives, allowing you to enter a special stage of data. It just isn't by probability that this course is likely one of the hottest ones held at any international departure. During the 10 days, we will be targeted on every little thing you need to be taught to turn into a PADI Instructor. You will take part in tutorial displays and we might be a lot in the water, doing Confined Water Presentations and Open Water Presentations.
You will participate in academic displays and we shall be lots within the water,doing Confined Water Presentations and Open Water Presentations. Unfortunately we additionally saw a guide seating a try diver on a coral mound before swimming backwards to take their photo. The poor beginner was struggling to stay on the coral and I’m sure the coral disliked it even more.
We will train you the PADI construction so as to educate it to your students in the best way. We repeat all of the shows a number of occasions and each time you will be evaluated by your Course Director and Staff Instructors. During the 10 days we might be targeted on every thing you have to learn to turn into a PADI Instructor.

The Oberoi House Reef is distinguished by its ecological diversity and delightful coral reef. RasDishet as a weight verify dive on the best way to Safaga positioned in SahlHasheesharea . The main reef emerges up from a sandy seabed and there are a few separate coral clusters out from the principle reef.