Electric Vehicle Technology Improvement In China

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This year, the sturdy development of uncommon earth everlasting magnet plate. This 12 months, the strong pattern of uncommon earth permanent magnet plate. 69.40 8.56% shares analysis reported that the 2 main rare earth shares the cumulative increase of 78.18% and 93.52%, as soon as again staged the return of the king. car for life said because the country continued to strengthen efforts to assist the new power automotive trade, money market funds can even focus new vitality automotive business chain, uncommon earth everlasting magnet plate simply open the first shot of the rally, lithium batteries, charging stations, upstream materials and different associated stocks are expected to defend the crown. From the rare earth plate movements up to now, affected by uncommon-earth prices, the downstream demand cannot be ignored. High-performance everlasting magnet supplies are extensively utilized in the sphere of energy conservation and environmental safety, new vitality automobiles and different excessive-end, the longer term development of broad prospects. Rare earth everlasting magnet The synchronous motor is the center of the gas-efficient automobiles, Thus, with the event of new vitality autos, listed firms will benefit. China this conclusion will likely be conducive to the development of the lithium battery trade, with the lead-acid battery business consolidation intensified, lithium batteries substitute lead-acid batteries the method will probably be accelerated . Pike Analysis stated in a report by the end of 2017, the price of lithium-ion batteries will cut more than one-third of automotive lithium-ion battery sales will improve to greater than 700 percent in the current. It's reported that the current popularity of electric automobiles bottleneck is among the battery price lithium-ion battery set up costs dropped significantly, proscribing new power autos to promote a chronic downside might be solved, when the sales open, the relevant listed companies will enter outcomes of the outbreak.