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It is one of the most famous James Bond films, and is amongst the most popular, and successful movies of all time. Goldfinger has one of the most eminent uses of gold in all of movie history. The character, Mr. Goldfinger is obsessed with gold, and his ultimate goal is to plunder the greatest known source of gold in the world, Fort Knox.

In Thailand, you can see a movie for about $5.00. In California, a movie ticket can cost you closer to $10.00. In addition, the quality of movie theaters in Thailand is often superior to what you find elsewhere. For example, you can choose to sit in a reclining mini couch, and choose your seats in advance (even pay less depending on where you want to sit). In the States, if you cannot choose your seat in advance you are forced to arrive early to get a good seat and also be forced to sit through previews and commercials.

The crew spent the rest of the day mounting the E.P.I.R.B. in the cockpit, preparing our hand fishing line and cleaning up the boat after last night's strong westerly beat.

11. Harry Potter series- These great films do not need much introduction. From the first movie to the last, this series I have watched over 20 times. Absolutely wonderful! If you have not seen them or have only seen a few. I highly suggest to watch them all in order.

Megamind is the first movie in the list of soon to be released kid's movies. Produces by Dream Works Animation, Megamind is an animated comedy which is set to release worldwide on November 5th 2010 in 3D. Directed by Tom McGrath, the movie has voice over's by Will Ferrel as Megamind, Tina Fey as Roxanne Ritchie, Jonah Hill as Titan and Brad Pitt as Metro Man among others. The teaser trailer looks interesting and the movie promises to be a treat for kids.

get redirected here is the first National Park in New Zealand, and fourth in the world. It is also a World Heritage area with important links to Maori cultural and spiritual associations, as well as its volcanic features.

One of the things that marks most super heroes is their tragic beginnings-the death of a loved-one, a devastating assault, a planet explodes, a horrific injustice that must be avenged-and the more monstrous the event, the more monstrous the hero. While the four Batman films of the '90s kept that initial tragedy, that initial trauma, the driving force that should have come from it was lost by the second film and we were more interested in the villains than in Batman himself. Why? We lost interest because there was no real focus on Batman and his reason for existing. Focus was on the tragic beginnings of the villains. In fact, this was so bad that not even the introduction of Robin and Batgirl in the third and fourth installments could save it.